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  Induction Heater manufacturer for heating surface of bearing for easy mounting on shaft or axle. Induction is safest process which does not wear & tear bearing or shaft. Precision has fast heating Induction Heaters and user friendly in heating process.  
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Induction Heater Product
Induction Heater is specially designed by Precision Instrument & Allieds, an ISO certified company for mounting & dismounting the Roller Bearings, pinions, gears or other component fitted on axle shaft of machine or motors using latest technology intelligent microcontroller based electronic controls. These Induction Heaters are available in various capacity, by means of bore size of shaft Bearing, weight of Bearing or Pinion or Gear or any other component to be mounted on shaft, Time of heating periphery of inner races of Bearing etc..

Precision Induction Heaters are innovated for applications in Maintenance department of major Companies and their utility. The automated Roll Sliding or Swing Arm arrangement & Remote Control facility has extended the flexibility on utility of the product. The hydraulic equipment trolley is so designed that it provides better workmanship in industries as the products are heavy for management manually.

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