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  Induction Heater manufacturer for heating surface of bearing for easy mounting on shaft or axle. Induction is safest process which does not wear & tear bearing or shaft. Precision has fast heating Induction Heaters and user friendly in heating process.  
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Induction Heater Product

PRECISION Induction Heater model PIH 2005 has highest capacity to heat the components. It has controls similar to PIH-series, which are intelligent microcontroller based electronic controls with data logger which can upload the all data month wise.

It weights about 3 Ton and capable to heat the Railway Wheel Tyre within 15 to 20 min.

Model PIH 2005 is provided with automated Roll-sliding Arrangement for horizontal yoke and operated automatically and manually in case of power failure. The automated Roll-Sliding Arrangement is so designed that the yoke gets lifted automatically rolls off from the vertical supports without rubbing or damaging and scraping mating surfaces. This arrangement provides additional safety, ease of operation and helps to improve productivity.

1) Power 60.0 / 127.0 KVA
2) Voltage 3Ø x 440V
3) Current (Max) 137 A / 290 A
4) Power Control 25%, 50%, 75%, & 100%
5) Temperature Control (Range) 0 - 400oC / 0 - 500oC
  Maximum Temperature 500oC
  Accuracy Temperature ± 3oC
6) Time - Control 0 - 99 Minutes
7) Residual Magnetism < 1A / cm
8) Overall dimensions (wxdxh) (mm) 1780 x 790 x 1150
9) Weight (Main Unit) 3000 Kg. (Apx.)
10) Special Hand Gloves

1) Digital Thermoneter (0-500 C)
2) Roll - Sliding Model
3) Automated Roll Sliding Arrangement
4) Hydraulic Equipment Trolley
5) Riser Block (Pair) (mm)
6) Remote Control
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Tyre Induction Heater

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