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  Induction Heater manufacturer for heating surface of bearing for easy mounting on shaft or axle. Induction is safest process which does not wear & tear bearing or shaft. Precision has fast heating Induction Heaters and user friendly in heating process.  
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Induction Heater Product
Since 1999 an ISO certified company Precision Instruments & Allied is incorporated with quality products. The full dedication of team of organization has resulted the best and innovated products. The motive of the organization is not just to sell the products but the best service and the right solution to the customers. R & D department of the organization works closely to the customer for better product and innovations.

Precision has product range for maximum benefit in reasonable price. The product range includes Induction Heaters with latest technology intelligent microcontroller based programmable electronic controls for mounting and dismounting of bearings, pinions, gears or other component fitted on axle shaft of machine or motors. Precision also has range of hydraulic products for similar purpose designed for fewer efforts with higher result.

Production is proportionate to maintenance. Maintenance should be less time consuming and economical. We have keen eyes towards maintenance while manufacturing. We are always interested in new developments and party satisfaction. We welcome to specific requirement and can manufacture customized products related to induction heating and hydraulic products.

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